Huntsman Araldite Epoxy Adhesives

HUntsman is a worldwide producer of high quality epoxy resin which are marketed under the trade name Araldite.

Epoxy resins are versatile thermosetting polymeric materials. Today after four decades, these resins have become indispensable in building, casting, electrical and electronic industries.

Construction industry is one of the largest users of Araldite systems over the last 40 years. These systems offer a unique blend of properties which help civil engineers to solve problems for which conventional materials have proven inadequate.

Huntsman offers a wide range of Araldite resins and hardeners to construction industry.

Separate technical information is available for various application. Our technical experts will be pleased to offer you more and related information to you requirements.


  • Excellent adhesion to most and varied substrates
  • high initial and ultimate mechanical strengths
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Good impermeability to water
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Low curing shrinkages
  • Excellent durability and dimensional stability

Huntsman Tooling Systems

Gel Coat Systems


  • Foundry Pattern
  • Foaming and concrete casting moulds
  • Tools and tooling aids
  • Negative moulds
  • Jigs and laminating moulds
  • working models for ceramic industry
  • Sheet metal forming tool
  • Foundry patterns



Laminating Systems

  • Laminated shell, copy & spotting models
  • Jigs & fixtures
  • Solid casting
  • Small size patterns & cores
  • Backing systems for face castings
  • Construction of models and patterns
  • Repair of existing tools and patterns



UREOL® Casting System for Sheet Metal Forming

  • Sheet metal forming tools for steel & aluminium
  • Negative moulds and tooling fixtures
  • Large volume moulds for the ceramic industry



UREOL® Casting System for Foundry Pattern Equipment

  • Foundry Pattern & Core boxes
  • Impact protection and vibration absorption


Parts in Minutes – Vacuum Grade Polyurethanes

  • Simulates Rubber
  • Simulates PE / PP
  • Simulates ABS / glass filled ABS


Stereolithography Materials

Ciba first to introduce high accuracy epoxy materials.

Ciba relocate Research & Development facilities to Los Angeles, CA from Marly Switzerland.

Very high throughput stereolithography system introduced.

Vantico and 3D Systems sign Japanese distribution contract. Vantico introduce second generation thermo-plastic-mimic (PP like) epoxy materials. Vantico purchase Avecia material technology. First rapid manufacturing application realized.

Vantico introduce selectively colourable stereolithography materials. Vantico terminate the Distribution Agreement with 3D Systems.