Hawco Products

Holdtite - Perfect liquid sealant

  • Used for metal and Gi pipes
  • Tough and durable bond
  • Spreads and evenly fills gap effectively
  • Remains unaffected by cold and hot water
  • Locks and seals threaded and flanged joints


Rustolene - A rust disintegrator
  • Non corrosive and non messy wonder solution
  • Disintegrates rust and releases jammed parts
  • Excellent penetrating properties
  • Lubricates joints
  • Cleans and Decarbonises


WD-40 - Multipurpose Maintenance Spray
  • Spray for rust and corrosion prevention
  • Excellent water displacement properties
  • Ability to penetrate deep into joints
  • Cleans dirt, grease, adhesive marks
  • Lubricates joint effectively
  • No effect on rubber, fabric and Plastics


Leakguard - PVC Solvent cements
  • superior solvent cement for PVC pipe joints
  • Fast curing with better gap filling ability
  • Excellent adhesion to PVC
  • Prevents joint leakage 100%
  • Prevents dismantling in bore well due to pipe load


Hawco - Leakgaurd
BJ - Anti corrosive Bituminous coating
  • Single component air drying system
  • Slow drying with high tackiness
  • Excellent corrosive resistance
  • Sprayable without thinning
  • Suitable for exterior and interior surfaces


Hawco - BJ
Kleen-X - Drain cleaning compound
  • Eco friendly
  • Kills germs and removes bad odour
  • Clears choked pipes rapidly
  • Effective on all types of biological debris
  • Pose no harm to the drain pipes


Hawco - Kleen-X
Autobond - Synthetic Rubber Liquid Gasket Sealant
  • Best for gasketing in Engine and Transmission assembly
  • Semi drying and permanently elastic
  • Fills gap 100% and makes joint zero leak
  • Easy to apply and disassemble
  • Good resistance to chemicals, oil till 150 Deg


Hawco - Autobond
Quick Grip - Multipurpose Rubber Adhesive
  • Good bonding to various substrates
  • Durable at various temperatures
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent resistance to moisture
  • Used extensively in shoes, furniture, floor covering, upholstery etc.
Hawco - Quick Grip
Leader Gasket Shellac - Gasket Dressing Compound
  • Fast drying and homogeneous sealant
  • Seals gaps and dents effectively
  • Withstands temperature till 150 Deg
  • Excellent adhesion to gasket materials
  • Easy to apply and cost effective


Hawco - Leader Gasket Shellac

Hawcoseal - Epoxy Putty

Hawcoseal is a two part multipurpose epoxy putty, suitable for various sealing and patching application. it consists of Resin and hardener in separately wrapped covers. The product have been specially formulated to meet various application requirements in industries and household. the product exhibits very good tensile Flexural, impact and compressive strength. It also possesses good electrical properties making it suitable for electrical application. Hawcoseal is available in both general purpose and fast curing varieties.


Hawco - Seal